EasyTree Options

When initialsing EasyTree it is possible to pass in all the options below in order to change the default functionality although they can also be set/changed after initilaisation. Please note all options are all optional.
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Name Type Default Value Description
allowActivate bool true Whether or not EasyTree will highlight (activate) a node when click
data Json object null When initialising EasyTree it is possible to pass in the data that you would like it to be created with, the JSON should be in the form described here
dataUrl url null If this option is specified EasyTree will call the Url specifed in order to get the data to initialise itself with. The data can be in the form of an html string or a JSON object, if JSON it should be in the form described here
dataUrlJson json null If the dataUrlJson option is specified EasyTree can also POST a JOSN object ot the server
enableDnd bool false By default Drag and Drop is not enabled in EasyTree. By specifying true it will be possible to drag one node into another. If set to true please make sure JqueryUI is properly imported on the webpage
disableIcons bool false All icons will be disabled if this option is set to true
ordering string null By default EasyTree does no ordering of the nodes. Possible values are 'ordered' and 'orderedFolder'. 'Ordered' will sort all nodes by the their text value, 'orderedFolder' will sort Folders first and then by text value. It is also possible to suffix the ordering property with 'DESC' to reverse the normal sorting direction
slidingTime int 100 When a node is toggled this property determines how quickly it will open. If set to 0 the node will expand or close instantly
minOpenLevels int 0 How many levels of the menu should always remain open
Example initialisation with options set
                allowActivate: false,
                //data: [],
                //dataUrl: '/server/treeData',
                //dataUrlJson: '{"page":"/"}',
                disabledDnd: false,
                disableIcons: true,
                ordering: 'ordered DESC',
                slidingTime: 0,
                minOpenLevels: 3